Two Hearts

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Absolutely stunning musical adventures David Wahler – Two Hearts
by Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews, Aug. 2019

Sometimes it’s difficult to “get it right” when it comes to “classifying” music… and, in David’s case, it’s next to impossible, because the absolutely stunning musical adventures he creates for listeners of all persuasions defy definition… I was just blown away when I reviewed his award-winning “Mosaic” album, and his new release provides a calming atmosphere that proves his total mastery, as evidenced by the four wonderful videos he shared with me for this review….

First, the title track from the new album, “Two Hearts“…what’s most impressive in this stunning video is that the “two hearts” aren’t necessarily man/woman, or bride/groom… the marvelous connections that any two or more living beings feel is what makes the love come alive. I just love this video, and fully expect it will be nominated for (and WIN) awards. All of these videos are available now, so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to David’s YouTube channel – I did.

David is always able to give listeners alluring soundscapes that provide a deeper understanding of just how important it is to celebrate the joining of our inner universe with the magic of the heavens, galaxies and stars, as you’ll witness on his remix of “Night Sky Of Orion“… Like it or not, life often brings some sadness, and David portrays those feelings we all have at times through this wonderful tune – “Love Lost“……this video is pure craftsmanship, and David’s piano harmonics on the piece bring memories to the surface that may bring a tear to your eye. A simple, yet wonderful, piece of music…

I believe this song will be getting some MAJOR airplay on stations around the world.

For me, though, the most captivating composition on the album is “Always“…

David’s pacing is pure perfection on this excellent tune, and the sequences of “flowering” convey hope for our future that words can’t capture nearly as well as this video does. This song is my choice for personal favorite of the eleven offered up on the album.

David is truly a musical wizard who understands the power that sonic beauty can impart… I give him a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 5.00… that means that he also gets a “PICK” from me for “richest sonic/visual album in 2019”.

“A new David Wahler album is always something to look forward to, he is an artist of great skill and talent…”

“…Wahler has poured his heart into this collection of brilliance, and it shows in abundance.”

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Two Hearts by David Wahler
by Steve Sheppard

I must admit I have been a bit of a fan of David Wahler since around 2009, and now some 10 years later, and following up on the spectacular offering Mosaic, we celebrate the release of another moment of musical magic with this new offering entitled Two Hearts.

The album has one of the smoothest starts your ever likely to hear with the composition Always.

The lush keyboard melody creates a virtual smile that radiates with love across the universe, a better start you will not find anywhere within in this genre.

After Mosaic, an album that was virtually stuck on my player for months, I wondered just how Wahler would follow that up, I needn’t have worried, this album is in perfect symbiosis with it, and creates a whole new sense of peace and love for us all, just listen to the track I Remember You and you may well understand, a full flowing and rich tapestry of keyboards with a light symphonic backdrop can be found here, this I would dare to say is music of natural beauty with no boundaries.

Paris Rain is another beautiful continuance of the subject matter of love and what better subject can there be? Strangely enough, even though I have traveled a bit, I have yet to visit France and of course Paris. However with this track I can do just that within the music, as any good artist does, Wahler creates for me the perfect picture of just what it would be like to walk in the Paris rain, this is a truly delicate composition, each rain drop falls from the keyboard with such precision and care, in what is a really moving offering.

This next composition is one that I was really looking forward to hearing, it’s called Night Sky of Orion (Remix), if this rings a bell, then you may have in your collection the album that started my Wahler collection with as well, as the original version comes from the album Antiquuis. Wahler crosses the borders of the new age genre here and flows with such beauty into a musical realm known to many of us chill out.

This is such an exceptional offering and with the light percussion and symphonic foundations of the piece in full flow, we are truly treated to something quite amazing.

We are now about to take our first steps across and into the second half of the album but before we do so, let’s enjoys the guitar on this next piece entitled You and Me. The album expresses the emotion of love beautifully throughout, but here on this offering, if you listen with a careful ear, you may hear the sheer intensity of this emotion; the power and grace of love has been recreated here within such a very clever composition, it radiates desire, a sense of longing to be whole again and a passion that sometimes runs very deeply indeed.

A chilling wind greets our ears on this next piece called Love Lost. This is one of two singles released by the artist before the album and for those of us who have experienced the emotion of a love that has been lost, for whatever reason, you will relate to this most heartfelt and moving opus. I freely admit to have had my heartbroken many times, and this specific track would be the perfect soundtrack for those tragic moments, it is like being lost in a world that just doesn’t seem to care, like you have drifted onto the beach of lost souls!

As a grandmaster of the keys, Wahler is a fine artist and manifests musical pictures that would grace any major art gallery in the world,

perhaps like Two Hearts, the title header and the other single I refereed to earlier. Almost the alter ego of the other release, this offering has such a beautiful lightness about its construction and an almost film score ethic flows all around it’s musical majesty, one that lifts you up and raises your spirits.

I found the track Bloom and I found love, I also found something that is an essential part of my life, ambience. I would personally say that this is the most ambient and meditative offering from the album and I could get lost within its love for eternity. The gentleness of performance here is really noteworthy and
the serene nature and tranquil base made this for me one of my personal favourites from the album with ease.

A total change in energy now as we come across the next arrangement called One Fine Day. Here is a piece that creates a musical narrative of a beautiful day in the same way as Kevin Kendle did on the track Sundial, he described that piece as the perfect sunny day and a cycle ride along the lanes of that perfection in nature.

Wahler does almost exactly that, but expands with the brightness of the piece, so that here you have a graphic colourful narrative of perfection, that is simply a halcyon moment of any day that makes you feel utterly happy with no boundaries.

Our penultimate offering is called Confession, one that starts with a refrain of sadness and despair. Perhaps this is the soundtrack of the truth, something that liberates you, but something that at times really hurts. Wahler’s creation is perfectly created and beautifully produced to allow this musical sojourn in this misty realm of reluctant honesty to develop, to a point when the keyboards seem to just hover and die away, like the pain of telling someone the truth that will end the love that was once there.

We do however finish on a much brighter note; this ending offering is called Then She Went To Sleep. This maybe one of those tracks that you could play in the early hours of the morning, perhaps on waking from a dream, you roll over and look at your partners body in the moonlight, and watch the peacefulness of her sleep, and then you feel the room with gratitude that you’re the person lucky enough to be lying next to her in bed.

This is the perfect ending offering and one that will be guaranteed to leave a smile of contentment on your face with its conclusion.

A new David Wahler album is always something to look forward to, he is an artist of great skill and talent and here on this album Two Hearts, it demands to be listened to. Wahler is one of those amazing musicians who in my view has never produced a poor track, and each and every offering on this new release is delightfully performed, beautifully played and professionally produced with one important element, Wahler has poured his heart into this collection of brilliance, and it shows in abundance.