ANTIQUUS debuted at Number 1 in July of 2009 on the ZMR Top 100 New Age/Ambient/World Radio/Internet Airwaves Chart. ANTIQUUS rose to #3 in ZMR's Top 100 recordings for 2009 worldwide.

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ANTIQUUS shot to #1 on the New Age Reporter's Global airways charts in July, 2009, and retained a top 10 position for four months running. The album was nominated for Album of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Contemporary Electronic recording, and Best Album Art for the Zone Music Reporter's 2009 Music Awards. David went on to win Best New Artist of 2009.

David Wahler's impressive new CD transcends all labels. His luscious compositions range from neo classical to New Age electronic, yet remain so unique as to garnish raves from the reviewers for his originality and talent. Using his classical music training, David has created a lyrical compass to guide you through the ancient world of oracles and myths in your own search for truth and meaning in today's world. In this relaxing, inspirational music you will hear the influences of Eric Satie, Vangelis, Chopin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Kitaro and many more. It is no wonder that R J Lannan of New Age Reporter says "David Wahler's music has depth, light and texture.....that somehow parts the fabric of time and lets me drift into an unknown, ancient universe."